Sellside advisory

A wide variety of reasons may lie behind the decision to sell your company. For example you may wish to enjoy more leisure time, you are ready for a new challenge in your career as an entrepreneur, or you can see that your business needs a different type of entrepreneur who is capable of piloting the business onward to a new phase. Whatever your motivations in considering a sale, you are faced with an important and far-reaching decision which will have a significant influence on your life. In order to achieve the optimum result from the sale of your business a thorough and professional approach is vitally important.

The sale of a company is never a standard process, but is always custom work. The sale can occur in various ways, and with a variety of objectives. Based on your own starting point we work with you to determine the form that the sale process should take.

A number of specific sale scenarios occur frequently, and we will look at each them individually:

  • Sale to third parties
  • Sale to management
  • Sale within the family

For the specific characteristics and points to consider regarding the various ways you can sell your business you can choose from the links displayed alongside here.