Management Buy-In

You have the drive to become an entrepreneur and you are considering a management buy-in (MBI). This means that you take your first step as an independent entrepreneur by purchasing an existing business. The nature of the business and the complexity of the required financing and negotiations determine to a large extent the substance and the duration of the MBI process.

It is often a case of a business whose current owner wishes to retire and is looking for an external purchaser. It may also be the case that the existing management are confronted with problems, and see an MBI as the best solution.

Critical success factors for an MBI

  • Your own resources need to match your search profile.
  • You must have a clear understanding of your own added value in the management process; what value do you add?
  • You need to draw up a good search profile.
  • Potential acquisition candidates which are not actively for sale will be approached proactively.
  • There must be sufficient time for holding discussions, developing plans and exploring markets.
  • The home front needs to be kept informed of the far-reaching plans, and must be supportive.

The acquisition process

You determine what fits with your ambitions and what is (financially) achievable, in consultation with us. We approach the most interesting businesses, obtain the most optimal financing construction, and guide you through the entire acquisition process, on your path to a successful conclusion. We know this particular process better than anyone else and we regard MBI as one of our core activities, and certainly not as a sideline.

Free advice

Starting an MBI process is a major step that you probably will only take once. We will be pleased to exchange ideas with you about the things you will need to consider in an MBI proposal, without commitment and free of charge.