The strength of our independent services lies in actively supervising the acquisition or sale of a business. When buying or selling a business you will encounter, among other things, financial, organisational and emotional aspects. Factor Corporate Finance knows the process inside out and is skilled in the craft of business acquisition. We know the pitfalls and we know what is possible and what is not possible with business acquisitions.

Our task is to find the best possible buyer/seller for you and to achieve a deal on the best possible terms. For each type of operation we offer you a clearly structured approach which will guide you through all the stages of the process, from orientation to completion with the notary. We ensure that you always know what to expect and that you are prepared for the decisions you will have to take.

In addition Factor Corporate Finance is your specialised partner for business valuations. With a certified valuer (certified specialist in the field of business valuation), Factor Corporate Finance possesses the knowledge and expertise to perform all possible types of value analysis for you. This may form part of a purchase and sale process, but it may also take the form of an (independent) valuation for matters concerning shareholders.